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Balancing promotion and value

May 20, 2024

It’s not enough to build a personal brand on LinkedIn in 2024. Anyone can do that. These days, what separates burnt-out professionals from bonafide thought leaders is your ROE - or return on efforts.

Sure, you can have 30,000 followers and create content 7 days a week, but if all of that effort does not reliably yield a 6-figure income stream minimum, something’s wrong in Denmark.

This week, I’m going to discuss exactly how to balance educational content with promotional content so you:

  • Have an inbox full of leads who are excited and ready to work with you
  • Don’t have to rely on a lengthy sales process to secure new clients (i.e., close in 30 minutes or less)
  • Have a plan in place to easily talk about the value and results of your programs

Why is it so hard to sell?

Unfortunately, too many professionals don’t push their offerings on LinkedIn enough, thinking that promotional posts will turn people off.

Admittedly, I used to be one of these people. I struggled because:

  1. I wasn’t completely clear on my packages in the first place (I was offering too many custom solutions)
  2. It felt either desperate or braggadocious
  3. It was far easier to create content that “teaches” rather than asking for a sale.

Then, I learned an effortless strategy to reliably showcase my offerings, leading to a 5x increase in sales outreach on LinkedIn and contributing to a $20,000 3-day product launch.

Here’s the exact strategy I used that you should steal for yourself:

1. Get radically clear on one offering you want to push

It takes at least 7 impressions to form an association. This is as true for recognizing and remembering your brand as it is for your products. So, if you’re always offering custom solutions or mentioning three different products in your posts, you have created too much complexity for an audience member to understand. An effective LinkedIn strategy is a steady drumbeat of content that enforces and reinforces 1 audience, 1 problem, and 1 solution that will help with the program.

Adding more to the mix will confuse your message and overwhelm your readers.

Nail your signature program first if you hope to implement this strategy effectively. Here are some examples of signature products:

Justin Welsh —> The LinkedIn OS

Jay Clouse —> Build a Beloved Membership

Marie Forleo —> B-School

2. Showcase your program everywhere on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a variety of tools and features to showcase your signature program. Quickly audit your profile to see if you have checked all of these boxes:

  • Is the program featured in your banner image?
  • Do you feature the signature program in your featured section?
  • Do you mention the program in your About section?
  • Do you have testimonials from the program in your featured section?
  • Do you have a call-to-action in your profile inviting people to check out your program?

Ensuring you have fully optimized your profile in these ways will turn your profile viewers into program purchasers. Take a look at Justin’s profile here:

3. Balance your promotional posts

About 30% of the content you share on LinkedIn should be a tie to your program. Wincing at the thought of that? Don’t worry; here are two cringe-proof strategies to use:

  1. Customer Success Story

Here’s the trick to this. Don’t start with “Customer Success Story” in your post. This screams marketing message, which will turn people off. Instead, explain your excitement or surprise. Here’s an example of how you could start this post:

I jumped up and down when I got this email…

“Kait, I just closed a $57k proposal from one strategy you taught me.”

(the above is a true story, btw )

Notice a hook like this entices the reader to want to learn how your client did this, further pulling them into your post and, ultimately, your program.

  1. Program Breakdown

Here is an exact post I did that drove 5 inquiries to my Brand Launch program:

The Recap

Build a personal brand is great, but if you’re not leveraging your efforts to create a business, one that affords you a comfortable living, try examining how you can push your programs more. By:

  1. Condensing your best expertise into one clear and compelling signature offering
  2. Featuring that offering in your LinkedIn profile
  3. Ensuring you create compelling content that mentions that offering 30% of the time…

You can actually reap the rewards of all the dedicated work you put into build your brand in the first place.

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