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Do you routinely let your own marketing take a back seat to client work?

Congratulations, you're part of 90% of coaches and consultants so buried in work they never get to scale their gifts and expertise.

Sacrificing the growth of your own business just to grow your client list doesn’t equal success. 


While that’s noble, you’ll never feel fulfilled or grow your business until you learn how to scale your expertise in a way that fits the goals and vision for your business and your life. 


You’ll just continue to bounce around from client project to client project. Instead of “becoming your own boss,” you’ll continue to feel like you have 5 or more bosses. 


What’s worse? You’ll lack the necessary time, space, and freedom to do deep thinking, dot-connecting, and marketing that are necessary to build a business where you’re operating and charging at your highest and best. 

That’s why we created the Brand Inner Circle…


It’s an exclusive community of business owners who receive brand support and coaching, content strategies, and most of all, accountability and direction to focus on the thing that will propel your business forward…


Your own marketing and wisdom.

Does this sound like you?

If this is you, I totally get it.

That’s why after 10 years of coaching and working with top thought leaders, I distilled why some people “make it” as known experts and influencers and some don’t. 

The 3 differentiators between profitable personal brands and consultants stuck in a cycle of spinning your wheels…


 1. You need to post daily.  

Without having a regular “discovery channel” in play, your pipeline won’t grow to the size that allows you to start creating scalable offerings.


2. You need a content strategy that intersects your personality and experience with your clients’ most pressing needs.

Imagine audience members reading your content and thinking, “Wow, she totally gets me. Is she in my head? I need to take her program!”


3. You need simple and clear packages and messaging that convert your audience into buyers. 

This is the only way you get out of “bespoke” work that keeps working long hours and sets your clients up to violate boundaries. 

Reality check….

One more client won’t help you create the business of your dreams. 

Clarifying your message, creating content at scale, and converting audience members into packages and programs that play to your natural gifts and skills will.

Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place? To find alignment and fulfillment with who you are and the gifts you have and what the market needs?

What does a HEALTHY and FULFILLING personal brand BUSINESS look like?

💼 Working with clients you love. These dream clients eat up everything you say and don’t fight you tooth and nail


⌛ Working the hours you want so you have time and space to do deep thinking and creative work while enjoying the things you love outside of your business


đź’° Working at the price point your expertise demands. Not the price points you think people can afford.

Introducing the Brand Inner Circle

One part brand coaching and strategy, one part social media strategy, and a big old supportive community. 

If you’re a forward-thinking consultant or coach looking for on-going support to grow your brand and business on LinkedIn, Brand Inner Circle will give you the strategy, accountability, and community to rapidly grow your personal brand in a healthy, and fulfilling way.

What Sets Us Apart

✨ Not just another group coaching program

The Brand Inner Circle is not just a subscription or online community; it's a transformative experience that welcomes you into an entrepreneurial creator circle dedicated to your success. We've crafted a program that empowers you to grow your business and fuel your life. And we’re very involved with your success.

🎯 The space to focus

As a consultant or contractor, it’s not lack of time that wears you down and burns you out. It’s a lack of focus. When you’re constantly context shifting from client to client and consumed with deliverables, you have no room to breathe, let alone do the deep work that shows off your most profitable gifts.

Our sessions are designed to give you sacred focus and creative time. A time to use tried and tested strategies to hone your wisdom into “can’t wait to buy” messaging and packages. 

🤝 Thought Partners

Join a dynamic community of other coaches and consultants who share your passion for growth. 

Here, collaboration is not just encouraged; it's the heartbeat of our community. Many of our members end up as referral partners, resources, and collaborators. It’s the mastermind you’ve been wanting to help you realize you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) do this entrepreneurial thing all by yourself.

🔄 Systems That Scale

Streamline your business operations with our proven strategies and resources. 

From optimizing processes to maximizing efficiency, our Operations Director, Pam, links arms with our members to ensure that your business will run like a well-oiled machine. With 12 years of refining operations for online businesses, she’s like the maximizer you’ve been missing. 

📣 Tested Strategies

Every strategy, prompt, and framework you’ll receive is not a guess or a matter of my personal style. They are honed from a decade of testing, refining, and relaunching influential profitable personal brands on LinkedIn. 

đź’Ľ Your On-Call Expert Brand Team

Think of the Brand Inner Circle as your on-call team of experts. We provide the accountability, strategies, time, and guidance you need to not only create impactful content but to thrive in every aspect of your business.

Throw in a bit of entrepreneurial therapy (here’s a space you can be free to be honest) and you’ve nailed the power of the Brand Inner Circle.


Who am I?


I’m Kait LeDonne, Personal Branding and LinkedIn Expert.  I coach entrepreneurs how to grow their personal brands and business online. I’ve spent ten years working with experts who have monetized their expertise and audience to build a highly profitable, enjoyable business. 

And in working with some of these household names, here’s what I know to be true.

Sustainable revenue will keep you in business but if it’s coming at the cost of your time and sanity, it’s time to look for a different way.  

I teach you how to work smarter, not harder, by guiding you up and out of the “90% bracket” that most coaches and consultants find themselves in and have you focus on scaling your expertise in a way that feels right for you and delivers the revenue that you need.

Results from our creator community…

Ready to make it official?

We invite you to become a member of the Brand Inner Circle today.

Most Flexible Plan


Monthly Subscription

  • Weekly content lab
  • Q&A calls
  • Group coaching
  • Posting prompts
  • Quarterly 90-minute deep dives
  • Dedicated Community
  • Resources, frameworks, & templates

Best Value Plan


Annual Subscription

Contains all content and features of the monthly subscription plan while saving you $$$

(when you pay for 10 months all at once, you’ll get an additional 2 months for free!)



Subscription Highlights Include

Weekly Content Lab

Spend 90-minutes each week in a focused “lab” with others, crafting content that speaks to your audience and positions you as an industry authority.

Q&A Calls

Get personalized answers to your burning questions with LIVE Q&A and group-coaching calls that provide invaluable clarity and direction.

Posting Prompts

Overcome content creation hurdles with our curated prompts designed to spark engagement and elevate your LinkedIn presence.

Quarterly 90-Minute Deep Dives

Gain exclusive insights in our knowledge presentations, ensuring you're primed for success in the upcoming quarter.


Immerse yourself in a supportive community, fostering collaboration, and growth among like-minded coaches and consultants.

On-Going Support

Consistent and unwavering support to keep you motivated and on track throughout your brand-building journey.

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Get the coaching + support + focused time + guidance around your brand,  content, and business that you deserve.

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