Brand Inner Circle 

A membership program that provides you with monthly coaching, a weekly content lab, and a supportive community.


This membership program is best fit for:

🪄Thought leaders that want to continue developing their skills around social media content writing

🪄 Founders and leaders looking for coaching around their brand and content

Results from our creator community…


Receive expert coaching + support around your brand and your content.

The Brand Inner Circle Subscription includes:

1. Monthly Coaching   

As a thought leader in your industry, you deserve to have someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off of around your brand and content creation.  With this membership, you get a monthly coaching session along with access through a closed community to ask questions and receive the answers you deserve.

2. Content Editing

You've written your content but you aren't ready to hit publish quite yet.  Share it with Kait and team to be sure it's hitting the clear, concise, and consistent marks for your target audience.  Kait will give suggestions on any needed refinement.

3. Community + Support

No program is complete without the strength, support, and accountability of its members.  The Brand Inner Circle comes with a built-in dedicated community full of like-minded professionals all dedicated to working on their personal brand.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Brand Inner Circle Circle $750/month

We invite you to join an innovative group of great people invested in clarity & consistency of their brand & content


Get the coaching + support + guidance around your brand and content that you deserve.

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