Here's a make or break question for coaches and consultants who are STILL living contract-to-contract and haven’t generated 10,000 engaged, ready-to-buy followers….

What’s the difference between a personal brand that attracts a 6-figure following, has your calendar booked with lucrative speaking gigs, and has publishers fighting for your next book… 

…and one that’s meh on social media, keeps your QuickBooks account running on empty, and leaves you scratching your head wondering where the eff your marketing is so broken despite all the time and energy you put into it? 

If you guessed...

🤔 Choosing the right social platform (“Maybe it’s podcasting! Or no…TikTok makes you viral! Or I heard YouTube is where it’s at!)...You’d be wrong. 

📝 Sharpening your copywriting skills (“I need to master “hooks, frameworks, and CTA’s!”)...You’d be wrong.

💰 And if you guessed a fancy website (“I need to dump major moo-lah into a custom, flashy presence so people pay me big bucks!”)’d still be wrong.

While all these things have their place

You’re missing the core component of the powerful, profitable personal brand equation. 🔑

And until you master this core component so a steady surge of perfectly targeted, credit-card-in-hand fans flock to your socials, website, and email list each day…

The impact and income you’re working tirelessly to scale will, at best, come at the expense of your cortisol levels…

…and, at worst, erupt into flames as you constantly flirt with an unrelenting sense of burnout. 😫

Houston, we have a brand problem🤔

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You flutter your eyes open to the sound of your alarm, internally debating where to start your 50-point to-do list for the day. Do you…

🧐 Finish blog post #72 your VA keeps asking you for
🧐 Follow up with interested prospects? (...if you’re being honest with yourself, they’ve been sitting unanswered in your inbox far too long)

🧐 Or swallow the frog and write up client meeting notes from yesterday (Your back-to-back meetings yesterday didn’t allow you proper time to review and debrief. Crap, you really need to get that done) 🐸

Already, the day feels like it’s getting away from you. 

You hit the French Press and throw back a cup of coffee– your meditation and journaling will wait until this afternoon (you promise yourself again). ☕️📓

You decide you’ll cross off the blog post first. You already put 2 hours into it at 8 pm last night, you may as well polish it off before your afternoon meetings. (Besides, you deserve to do something for your business before tending to clients).✍️

As you sit down, fire up your MacBook Air, and wait for your Google Doc to load, you hear your phone ring (weird because you still have it in DND).

The name of your point of contact from your largest corporate contract flashes across the screen. Your stomach drops as you answer 📞

“Hi, Diane! How’s your morning, everything great I hope?”

“I’m ok. Look, we have an all-hands meeting this in 2 hours, and I’m counting on that report you’re working on, along with your suggestions for how we should proceed. Can you shoot it over to me so I can review it before I head in?"

Heat flares up in your chest. You were planning on sending that over tomorrow– it’s not 100% complete yet.

“Erm, sure, Diane, I can do that.” You respond, anxious not to disappoint the person who contributes to 70% of your earnings.

“Thanks, you’re the best!” she says as she hangs up.

Sh*t. You click out of your blog post and mentally prepare yourself to finalize the soul-sucking report 💻

As you wait for the tab to open, you glance at the whiteboard on your wall.

“Quarterly Goal: Generate 5,000 email subscribers and launch V1 of your online course.”🎯

You feel the room spin– a sense of overwhelm, frustration, and anger creeps in as hot tears pool at the corner of your eye.

On this day, groundhog day number 782 of entrepreneurship, when you can no longer make sense of why you’re tirelessly working with no more freedom or huge financial gains to show, you seriously debate walking out of your home office and telling your spouse you’re done. 💼

…That you’ve tried everything – writing blogs, podcasting, social media, hiring virtual assistants, copywriting courses– and your consulting business still looks like it did 3 years ago– all-consuming, bloated with needy clients, and no clear path to start scaling your brilliance and bank at scale.

As a bonafide expert oozing brilliance and experience in your field, you should be able to package and productize your brilliance and personality…for top dollar.

Look, your resume is longer than a CVS receipt, and you’re masterclass at what you do (everyone you work with knows it.)...

 You deserve to wake up without an alarm clock, flow into your #MiracleMorning instead of your inbox, then jump on high-profile podcast interviews instead of tireless back-to-back meetings.

 You deserve to sit down with your team, pick and choose the keynotes and workshops you want to commit to for the next 12 months and know that any income on top of that is icing on the cake.

 You deserve to head to your coffee shop, savor your green tea latte, and pour your heart and focus into polishing off the manuscript for your book without worrying about some client fire or another.

And, with your level of experience, YOU deserve to have a Brené Brown-sized following with a program waitlist bursting at the seams instead of spending your time confounded (and annoyed by) glossy gurus sweeping up interest with hollow content.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to FINALLY tip the scales back in your favor.

But first, we need to dig into why you’re here in the first place.

The Top 5 Reasons You’re Stuck in a Client Hamster Wheel 

(And how to finally be recognized and paid like the In-Demand, Go-To Expert You Know You Are)

I’m going to level with you…

If you think you need to keep doing more– more hours, more channels, more products to grow a powerful, profitable personal brand, then you’re doing it ❌wrong.❌

It goes against the very fundamentals of branding– simplicity, clarity, scalability. 

Growing a Powerful, Profitable Personal Brand – one that Monetizes Your Unique Brilliance and Personality– is Easier (and More Critical) Than Ever

If you made it this far, you ALREADY know that building a powerful personal brand is critical to the success of your business…and your overall joy and happiness. In fact, if you sell your smarts for a living, it’s the only way to scale yourself in an energizing, break-the-bank kinda way. 

No need to remind you of that 🙂

So how in the heck do you do it?

That’s the question I get asked by hundreds of burnt-out coaches and consultants who are looking to finally, finally hit the critical tipping point and boost their brand to Branson-like stratospheres.

  Instead of doom-scrolling TikTok saving the latest reels hoping to go viral…

  Instead of investing in yet another marketing consultant or program telling you what you’re doing wrong but not how to fix it…

  Instead of adding one more VA to your already bottom-line buckling marketing bench…

What if you had a Personal Brand Map™ and Custom Content Operating System that… 

Includes your compelling brand message that’s so radically clear people grasp your value in 5 seconds (or the time it takes someone to “get it” on a newsfeed) 

Organizes all of your multi-faceted, multi-passionate pursuits into a simple system to build interest, influence, and income versus leaving your audience confused, wondering what your focus is

Powers a high-converting LinkedIn profile page that turns lurkers into paying customers and conference organizers, journalists, and publishers fighting for time on your calendar

Designs a power-packed signature offering based on your Zone of Genius that gets your clients real results and has you finally saying, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this! It’s so enjoyable and easy for me”

 I spent my life as a tech engineer and a venture capitalist before opening a chain of medical cannabis businesses. I always struggled how to clearly explain what I do in a succinct way that created more business. (As a serial entrepreneur– how do you do that! Which business do you focus on?) It wasn’t until I worked with Kait that I saw how all parts of me – from my West Virgina upbringing, to motherhood, to engineering and investing, could fit together to tell a seamless, powerful story. Less than a year into working with Kait, my partner and I published our first book, were interviewed on The Today Show, and have been asked to headline conferences about how women can take ahold of their entrepreneurial pursuits. It’s like brand alchemy. 

- GINA DUBBE, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Your Brand Coach, Kait

Hi, I’m Kait, a Personal Brand Expert and Strategist, and when I’m not scouring farmers’ markets or strolling through Central Park in my beloved NYC, I get to help passionate entrepreneurs build their business and brands.  For the last decade, I’ve linked arms with some of the top thought leaders of our time –  from bestselling authors to bankable keynoters, leading professors, and top CEOs and investorsto go from unknown quantities to household names.

I started this journey troubled by the realization that the most brilliant, purpose-driven minds of our generation are often overlooked because they didn’t know how to package and market themselves. 

And if you’re anything like these good-hearted game-changers, you’ve been spinning your wheels, hearing how great you are at what you do, but not advancing because you don’t want to be braggadocious, do silly dances, or sell yourself out for the sake of popularity

So your audience and the world at large miss out on your insights and experience, and you keep playing small, knowing deep down you have so much more to offer.

Here’s my promise (and a bit of free coaching) to you right off the bat– forgive yourself. I know you’re frustrated thinking you’ve wasted so much time and money running failed marketing plays and staying stuck in “client purgatory.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ve actually accumulated what so many “influencers” lack– real wisdom and experience. Now it’s time to audit, hone, and refine so you can put all those wonderful things to work for you.

I’m not here to recommend clickbaity titles or “viral” strategies, I’m here to work alongside you to capture the lightning in the bottle that is you, and package that magic in a way that feels authentic, valuable and clear to both you and your audience. 

Here’s to your success,


A guided, one-on-one 6-week program to hone your compelling brand message and build a custom content operating system to explode your personal brand’s growth. 

 I’ve spent over a decade working in the trenches with coaches and consultants to clarify their brand.

  • Professionals who fumble for the right words to use when describing their unique value so customers immediately understand and are excited to follow them.
  • Frustrated consultants who have vowed it’s finally time their courses and programs generate enough income for them to walk away from needy clients as a primary source of income.
  • Coaches who have tried reels, punchy tweets, and carousel posts only to see engagement hovering above zero and followers trickle in slower than a leaky faucet.
  • And entrepreneurs who, despite these setbacks, are still fiercely motivated to clarify their message and build their following because they know on the other side of that brand tipping point is the freedom, clarity, creativity, and income they started this business counting on.

And The Result Is…

a proven framework, The Personal Brand Map that provides radical clarity, magnetic messaging, and a system for compounding growth (read: smaller, focused effort yielding BIG results.)

This is what I build for you in Brand VIP.

Here’s how


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the only 6-week, expert-led personal brand workshop that packages and scales your brilliance.

Due to the active role we take in your brand, we only accept 2 Personal Brand VIPs a month. 

Cash-Flow Friendly


 (2 payments of $4,000)


When you choose this option, you’ll make 2 payments 4 weeks apart. The first payment will be due upon application acceptance.


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When you choose this option, you’ll make 1 payment of $7,500 The payment is due upon application acceptance.


Plus, you’ll be backed by…


If after Brand VIP , you don’t feel radical clarity and experience business-changing results after implementing your Content Operating System, I will work for free with you until you do.
Because I’m not here for deliverables, I’m here for results. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Still Undecided?  

5 Ways You Know You're Ready to Finally Scale Your Personal Brand

1. You’ve been at this for years– Trying this message and that. Switching offerings. Doing “Brand Donuts” – spinning out in a full 360, feeling like you’re right back where you began and not advancing any further. Perfect. You are our people. Because all this time isn’t wasted. You’ve just built an arsenal of experiences and preferences that we can now shape into a sharp brand that punctures your market.

2. You’re already investing time into marketing – You likely spend around 4 hours a week on marketing activities already (even if that is at 10pm every night). Great, that lets us know you’re willing to do the work, now we just need to channel it into the right activities– ones that are clear and focused and yield the biggest results. 

3. You already know the doors that will open for you – You’ve seen your colleagues, maybe even some of your friends– build a business around their personal brand that commands top-dollar speaking fees, book deals, and effective course and community launches. You know your desired endgame, and you’re ready to finally generate enough critical momentum to get there. 

4. You’ve served your time in the trenches – You were a corporate defector. You spent time as a “Fractional” this or that doing high-level strategic work for clients. You’ve had large corporate contracts. You know these opportunities – lucrative as they may be – ultimately are not scalable. They consume your time and energy and make you feel like you have 4 bosses instead of the creativity and freedom that comes with packaging and scaling your brilliance. 

5. You don’t want to be everywhere – You don’t want to be on 6 different social channels. You don’t want to be for everyone. Heck, you don’t even want to make a bazillion dollars becoming the next Bezos or do the 4-hour work week. You just want to do joyful, focused, and creative work that inspires change in your audience and allows you to make a very lucrative living workaing about 5 hours a day.  

If you put your hand up to all 5 of these, you’re ready to book a Brand VIP day! 

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"It works or I work for you" Guarantee

Experience a dramatic skill improvement or I'll work with you, for free, until you do!

By now you already know that the biggest difference between a personal brand that attracts a 6-figure following, has your calendar booked with lucrative speaking gigs, and has publishers fighting each other for your next book all comes down to… 

Having a clear and compelling Personal Brand Map and a Content Operating System to power growth. 

So if you’re still here, let’s wrap up with a little real talk…

  If you’ve considered seriously hanging up your hat and going back to get a “real job” because building your brand to epic proportions feels like something only the “1% can do,” you should invest in Brand VIP.

  If you’ve been through VAs and a slew of marketing platforms, tried your hand at building your list, and poured considerable time and energy into things like blogs and podcasts to no avail, you should enroll.

  If you have woken up in a panic to put out a client fire and yet again, had to put your business and brand behind all of your clients, you deserve a plan that will let you finally do the creative meaningful work you started your business to do. Work that can change thousands of lives, instead of just the 3-6 clients lucky enough to work with you.


  If you know deep in your heart that you can do this– that you have what it takes to build an impactful, lucrative business based around your unique brilliance…you need a Brand VIP session.

If you’re ready, we look forward to linking arms and working with you to make this the most impactful 6 weeks you’ve experienced all year. 


Cash-Flow Friendly


 (2 payments of $4,000)


When you choose this option, you’ll make 2 payments 4 weeks apart. The first payment will be due upon application acceptance.


Instant Saver


 (A single payment of $7,500)


When you choose this option, you’ll make 1 payment of $7,500. The payment is due upon application acceptance.


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the only 6-week, expert-led personal brand workshop that packages and scales your brilliance.

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