If you’re a professional dabbling in a “side hustle” and you’re ready to go all in on your business and replace your salary this year, ask yourself this critical question…

What’s the difference between attracting one or two small clients every few months and having a reliable, steady stream of large corporations willing to pay you top dollar for your expertise?

If you guessed...

🤔 A fancy website (“I need to dump major moo-lah into a custom, flashy presence so people pay me big bucks!”)...you’d be wrong.

📝Going to a gazillion networking events or joining another BNI group…you’d be wrong.

💰 And if you guessed going “viral” on social media, you’d still be wrong, and you’d be wasting your time!

While all these things may help...

You’re missing the core foundation of what makes the world’s highest-paid consultants and coaches so in-demand. 🔑

And until you master this core component so a steady surge of decision makers and procurement managers are begging you to contract with their companies…

Your fledgling business will hobble along as you receive eye-roll-worthy Slack messages and requests from your out-of-touch-manager. Groan.

Let’s start plotting out your Two Weeks Notice.🤔

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You roll out of bed with barely enough time to make coffee before logging into Teams. 

🧐 It’s not that you’re lazy. It’s just that your 9-5 is so dull it could make watching paint dry seem stimulating.
🧐 And let’s not get started on some of the characters you have to put up with there. You don’t remember applying for the government, but with the amount of politics and absurd personalities you encounter on a daily basis, you wonder if you did…

🧐Most days, you dial it in and tell yourself that at least you get a decent paycheck for doing that, even with all the other BS you have to deal with.

Until the clock strikes 4pm…

Where you’ve recently found your professional “spark” rekindled.

That’s right, you started a side hustle. You’re freelancing on your own terms, and to your surprise and delight, you’ve even made a modest amount of money.

That fresh feeling of having a goal and a project, and most importantly, complete control over how your work goes, is addictive.

You find yourself working on side projects any moment you can get, and you can’t wait for the day you finally send off that two-week notice and hop into your business full-time

The problem is this…

You’re not quite sure how to make that happen, and understandably, you’re worried about giving up the paycheck that props up your lifestyle to backflip off the cliff of uncertainty that is starting your own business.

 So, while you linger in professional purgatory…one foot in your job, and one foot in your freelancing gig, you start to feel a mix of guilt, resentment, burnout, and panic set in. It feels like you’re 2 feet away from gold and freedom, and you want to break through to the other side. 

The freelance economy is now over $1.2 TRILLION USD, and growing each year. If you snag even .0000125% of that, you’re making $150,000 a year. Let’s get you there…

Look, you’re beyond qualified to do this. You’ve already proven there’s a market for your skillset with your current efforts. 

There are just a few hurdles you need to cross so that menial 7% salary increase you get each year (if you’re lucky) can be quickly outpaced by your ability to earn money on your own terms.

The Top 5 Reasons You’re Stuck In Your Current Job

(And how to finally be recognized as a Top-Dollar Consultant or Freelancer with a line of excited customers waiting to work with you)

I’m going to level with you…

If you plan to keep waiting, hoping your business and client list will fall into place with time…

You’re still going to be in that soul-sucking job next year. And you’ll be more miserable because you know what’s on the other side. 

Growing a Powerful, Profitable Personal Brand on LinkedIn– one that Monetizes Your Unique Brilliance and Personality– is Easier (and More Critical) Than Ever

If you made it this far, you ALREADY know that nailing your messaging and getting in front of the right corporate buyers is your escape hatch from corporate.

No need to remind you of that 🙂

So how in the heck do you do it?

That’s the question I get asked by hundreds of burnt-out professionals who are determined to finally make this the year they go all in on their business.

• Instead of contemplating how much a business website costs…
• Instead of schlepping to one more networking event where you listen to a guy with coffee breath and no sense of personal space corner you with his life’s story…
• Instead of rolling your eyes at your manager and plotting how you’ll tell them off in your head…

What if you had a Compelling Brand Message, an Irresistible LinkedIn Page, and a LinkedIn Posting Playbook that…

→ Makes your personal brand position so radically clear that people grasp your value in 5 seconds (or the time it takes someone to “get it” on a newsfeed)

→ Eliminates Imposter Syndrome once and for all, channeling all the energy you’ve been putting into watching other influencers and converting it into creating your own, high-engaging content 

→ Fills your LinkedIn network with corporate decision-makers who excitedly sign checks so they can benefit from your brilliance 

→ Designs a power-packed signature offering based on your Zone of Genius that gets your clients real results and has you finally saying, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this! It’s so enjoyable and easy for me.”

Meet Your Brand Coach, Kait

Hi, I’m Kait, a Personal Brand Expert and Strategist, and when I’m not scouring farmers’ markets or strolling through Central Park in my beloved NYC, I get to help passionate entrepreneurs build their business and brands.  For the last decade, I’ve linked arms with some of the top thought leaders of our time –  from bestselling authors to bankable keynoters, leading professors, and top CEOs and investorsto go from unknown quantities to household names.

I started this journey troubled by the realization that the most brilliant, purpose-driven minds of our generation are often overlooked because they don’t know how to package and market themselves. 

Like you, I used to sit in a corporate office, feeling like my soul was being sucked out of me little by little each day. Somedays, my job was fun, but if I’m being honest, I knew that I could channel my creativity and passion into a job that paid more and gave me more freedom and fulfillment.

So, back in 2014, I started to intentionally grow my LinkedIn following. I honed my message and focused on providing value on the platform. Within 6 months, I received a contract from an accounting firm that trumped my salary, and I submitted my two weeks.

Nearly a decade later, I haven’t looked back, and would never change a thing when it came to boldly saying, “Adios!” to my former employer and forging my own path. Entrepreneurship truly has been one of the most rewarding, illuminating journeys I’ve embarked upon, and I’m so looking forward to you doing the same.

Here’s to your success,


A 6-Part Training Program and Proven System to hone your compelling personal brand message, profitably position yourself on LinkedIn, and grow your client list so you can leave corporate.

I’ve spent over a decade working in the trenches with consultants and freelancers to clarify their brand.

  • Professionals who fumble for the right words to use when describing their unique value so customers immediately understand and are excited to follow them.
  • Frustrated and burnt-out employees who want to turn their side gig into their main gig,  but don’t have a clear exit path to provide reliable revenue..Brilliant individuals who want to lead workshops and speak professionally but don’t know how to attract corporations and associations who want to hire them.

And The Result Is…

a proven 6-Part LinkedIn and Personal Branding Framework that delivers radical clarity, magnetic messaging, and a system for reliable lead generation. Here’s how Brand Launch breaks down:

Here’s how


Sign-up today

the only 6-Part Training Program and Proven System designed to transition your side hustle to your main hustle.

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of  over $9,600.

I’m super excited to welcome you into the Brand Launch family, and I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Brand Launch TODAY at the lowest price it will ever be offered at... 


Brand Launch 

ONLY $2,500

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Plus, you’ll be backed by…


If after Brand Launch , you don’t feel radical clarity and experience business-changing results after implementing your Content Operating System, I will work with you for free with you until you do.
Because I’m not here for deliverables, I’m here for results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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5 Ways You Know You're Ready to Commit to Your Personal Brand Business

1. You can’t stop thinking about your side business- You’ve tested out some names for your LLC, you peruse website-building software all the time, you rush through your day-to-day corporate work so you can pour your energy into your business baby. If you’re feeling this way, let me tell ya, this is not a “fling.” Once you get a taste of the freedom, creativity, and financial rewards that comes with owning a business, you’ll never let it go. You may successfully convince yourself you can when you get that next little pay bump, but 3 months later, when the salary serotonin settles, the itch will come back, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in your exit ramp. Listen, there is a Million Dollar Market awaiting your brilliance, and when you have the right Magnetic Messaging and Packages, there’ll be no stopping you

2. You’re already investing time into marketing – You read countless business books, binge marketing podcasts, and map out business ideas for fun. You attend conferences…for fun. You can’t help it– you love all things learning and growth! As I’ve already told you before, if you’re looking for a sign you’re an entrepreneur at heart, here it is.

3. You maybe, kind of, sorta secretly wish your employer would give you the axe anyway. – Some days, when you’re in the middle of phoning it into your day job, a warning signal blares in your brain saying, “You should really put in more effort here. They know you’re not ‘on it’ and they may fire you.” And do you know what you say in return??? “Eh, that really wouldn’t be the worst thing.” 

If you put your hand up to all 3 of these, you could not be more ready to invest in yourself and enroll in Brand Launch! 

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"It works or I work for you" Guarantee

Experience a dramatic skill improvement or I'll work with you, for free, until you do!

By now you already know that the biggest difference between attracting one or two small clients every few months and having a reliable, steady stream of large corporations willing to pay you top dollar for your expertise is… 

Identifying your Million Dollar Market, nailing your Magnetic Messaging and Packages, developing a Top-Dollar Brand Identity Kit, and having a strategic Content Operating System that delivers leads to your inbox. 

So if you’re still here, let’s wrap up with a little real talk…

  If you’ve seriously considered pressing send on that two-week’s notice sitting in the drafts section of your inbox…

  If you’ve had friends and colleagues comment on how sharp you are and how you could seriously run your own business…

  If you log in to your job every day, feeling a piece of your soul slip away bit by bit, then feel the fire of fulfillment when you clock out and jump into your “side hustle”


  If you know deep in your heart that you can do this– that you have what it takes to build an impactful, lucrative business based around your unique brilliance…you need Brand Launch.

If you’re ready, we look forward to linking arms and working with you to make this the most impactful 6 weeks you’ve experienced all year. If you’re ready, I look forward to meeting you in Brand Launch and making this the most impactful and life-changing few weeks of your career.